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Certify SSL Manager, an easy tool to generate free SSL Certificates for Windows Servers

With Certify SSL Manager you can generate free SSL certificates from Lets Encrypt for your website hosted on your servers.

If your website is hosted and running on windows server and having admin access, you can download and install Certify SSL Manager from

Once Installed Run the application

Go to settings > Register Contact and give your email id.

Once confirmed > Click on New Certificate > And Select the website from the list

Select the website from the list
By default it will add the www and without domains for the certificate.
If you want to add any extra subdomains you can add that on ‘add domains to certificate’ field.
Once done click on Request Certificate

So it will start the process and get the certificate from Lets Encrypt and install the certificate and do the port 443 binding on IIS for https access.

Lets Encrypt Certificate will be valid for 90 days and you can renew the certificate from the same app.

Additional settings which might help for https configuration on IIS

In case if you required specifying any particular IP on the server for your https domain go to IIS (or type inetmgr on Start menu).

Select the website right click and select bindings click on https sites and click edit, select the IP click ok. Do the same for other subdomains that you have for the same domain.

On this post I am using the Certify SSL/TLS Certificate Manger [Community Edition] on Windows 2012 R2 Server.

Last updated on 05-May-2020
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